(a) In addition to any statutory warranties, the following warranties shall be given for the repair, or if repair is not in our opinion (acting reasonably) possible, then replacement:

  • for any Rapid Power and Endura Power products:
  1. Mining and commercial use – individual warranty periods apply to products – warranty period to be confirmed with supply of product; and
  2. 2 years for recreational use; and
  • For any Red Back product – 1 year.
  • For units that have been repaired and no longer covered by the original warranty – the warranty for the repair work is 6 months.

(b) We shall not be required to replace or repair (any product under warranty) until the original product has been returned for inspection by us. Whether the item is replaced or repaired is at out sole discretion.

(c) Any warranty shall, to the extent permitted by law, be voided if:

  • any serial number is intentionally removed or altered; or
  • a Red Back product is used off-road or in off-road conditions.
  • an Endura Power alternator is used in corrosive conditions.
  • the alternator has not been installed correctly

(d) To the extent permitted by law, you are liable for all ancillary costs associated with the replacement of any good covered by warranty